Recon Ten

Recon Ten by Lorii Myers (Copyright 2015)

RECON TEN by Lorii Myers

RECON TEN by Lorii Myers

A coma stole months of Katrina Hughes’s life. She can’t even remember the attack that put her in the hospital but she does know this terrifying truth: someone kidnapped her, beat her, and left her for dead.

Katrina, a journalist turned psychological profiler who works for a shadowy covert operations firm called Matador, desperately wants to rebuild her life before it catches up with her.

Despite her family’s fears, she takes a Matador assignment in the exotic Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. There she makes connections between her disappearance and her unusual childhood.

Her partner, the mysterious photographer Ricardo, and ex navy seal reveals his own family secrets. Their chemistry heats up under the exotic tropical sun, but romance takes a backseat to her need to reconstruct her life.

Katrina realizes she may be trying to return to a life she would much rather forget but her instincts tell her, she has to find the truth about what happened to her, and why, if she is ever to be free of her past.


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