You even have to deal with the good stuff

There are always opportunities out there—the good stuff, the stuff you want to pull in from the fringe and make reality. You can only do this if you are ready. So take care of business and never leave anything to chance, especially those things that are important to you.

Every day, good and bad things happen that require your attention. You can deal with it now or deal with it later but, either way, you will have to deal with it, so you may as well just do it now. Of course, right now you are thinking…what? Do I have to deal with good stuff, too? Well, yes, and the procrastinators among you best pay attention.

Maybe you have found your dream house but wonder how you can afford it, or you have been offered an amazing career opportunity, but you will have to uproot and move your family. Day-to-day opportunities are laced with challenges that need to be headed off and dealt with so that you can move ahead.

What I am really getting at here is that things don’t just happen. You make them happen by taking hold of situations, dealing with aspects that need resolution, deciphering what information is required to make a decision, and then making the decision.

About Lorii Myers

39 Time Award Winning Author
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