There is confidence convergence when mental prowess and business aptitude mesh

Confidence in yourself and your ability to do your job is crucial to workplace success.

Many different components go into building one’s confidence.  It is having done the time and knowing that you have what it takes to get the job done. As in golf, it is being able to focus, visualizing the shot, and having the guts to go for it. It is having an underlying sense of ability that enables you to set aside self-deprecating thoughts and refocus on the big picture.

I am certain that you’ve heard of something being a fluke before, but did you realize that a hole-in-one is never a fluke? In golf, a fluke occurs when you make an unexpected shot. A hole-in-one cannot possibly be a fluke because it is exactly
what you were aiming for! The perfect shot! If you have been working hard, honing your skills, checking and rechecking your grip, stance, and swing, then your hole-in-one is your reward. And believe me, a hole-in-one, or more commonly any great shot, gives you a ton of confidence in your game.

Since we are discussing developing the right attitude to be successful in the workplace, what better attitude to have than that of confidence?

There are actually two basic sources of confidence. The first is the homegrown type, which develops through the repetitious support of parents and inspirational teachers, coaches, and mentors. They help you see what is good about yourself, and by doing so, you build confidence in your abilities.

The second source of confidence develops through the success of overcoming obstacles. This starts in your early life, but it is an ongoing deal. In the workplace, the whole concept of “thinking outside the box” comes to mind. Sometimes a new direction or idea is required, and there is no historical data or experiences from which to pull past solutions. This is when persistence and ingenuity are required to overcome the obstacles at hand. When you can make this happen, you build confidence from your own doing. You realize that you may not be able to count on others or the past, but you can count on yourself.

Either way, you figure it out, and real confidence stays with you forever—and this is how it adds up to workplace success: Others inherently recognize and feel your confidence when they are in your presence, and it shows in everything you do. When you have confidence, people come to you to get help, and they tend to respect you more. People who truly have confidence in their ability to do their jobs well generally enjoy a healthy sense of job satisfaction and feel happier about themselves.

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