The 16 top success traits

So, what does being successful mean to you, and what traits do you possess that will enable you to rise to the top?
Following are the top traits possessed by today’s successful professionals and entrepreneurs.
Success starts with the right attitude.
The right attitude screams out, “I am amazing!” It says that you are a winner, a contender, a star. Your attitude is your choice. You can self-assess, recognize your strengths, and build on them, and you can recognize your weaknesses and revamp them.
Self-perception is an extremely powerful resource. Self-assess, shift your attitude, and change in order to reveal a new and improved version of yourself.
Choose your attitude wisely and succeed.
Successful people develop winning habits.
Success isn’t achieved by doing something once. You need desire and motivation to push yourself into high gear. You need the drive to forge ahead, and you need to develop winning habits
that can guide you through challenges. Winning habits help us focus and realign. They are the consistent and persistent reflections of your person, demeanor, and credibility. Even in times of urgency or crisis, winning habits can help you through, as you inherently know what to do and how to do it.
Successful people thrive on learning.
Being ready and willing to learn is one of the most incredible and powerful things you can do for yourself.
Think of it as investing in yourself. The more you learn, the more you are able to learn. It’s the whole concept of opening up your mind, being aware, and understanding.
Successful people share their potential.
Everyone has a skill or talent particular to him or her. Some choose to share their excellence, while
others may choose to hold on tightly to their uniqueness and withhold it from the world, while still others may not even recognize that they really have something worth sharing.
Either way, whether you know it or not, you have potential.
You can be aware of your potential and even be passionate about it, but if you aren’t willing to force it into play, your potential can flat line or remain dormant. It’s your choice.
When you do know that you are particularly good at something, though, and then communicate and exude confidence, you appear charismatic. You are charming, attractive, and magnetic.
It’s not what you say or how you say it, but rather the way your person interacts with others. It’s the whole package. It’s about being open to giving or sharing yourself with the world. This is success.
Successful people are motivated and they break down barriers.
Motivation always intrigues me. We know that materialism really packs a punch in motivating people, but you can’t dispute the value of the raw motivation that develops when people decide
to have children. Your focus becomes redirected toward putting others first.
You want to be able to provide an environment of security and safety. You want your kids to have everything—opportunities and choices. With this new outward focus, anything that may have been holding you back is now unimportant. At this
point, it’s not all about you anymore. No, now it’s go time!
Successful people deal with stuff.
You can’t dispute the value of making decisions—it’s the whole “three off the tee” concept in a nutshell. Whether the decision is good or bad, things still get accomplished and you end up
moving forward. The more decisions you make, the better. This really means that you are taking control of your life and your destiny. When you make a good decision, you win. When you make a bad decision, you learn from it, regroup, try again, and then you win. It’s living your life; it’s no excuses; and it’s no regrets. It’s successfully
taking charge of your life!
Successful people are confident.
It’s all in your head. You just need to remember this simple fact. Remember and relive all of your
successes no matter how small or trivial they may seem. Success is success. There are no limitations, and there are no borders. Reliving your successes builds your confidence, and this spills over to all that you do in your life.
Successful people accept challenge.
Keep your eye on the ball! If you can’t see it, you can’t hit it. This is true of challenge. If you don’t put yourself out there, take some risk, and accept challenge, you will never be ready to grab hold of challenge and turn it into opportunity. Have you heard the saying, God hates a coward?
Successful people have a strong character.
When I think of someone as having a strong character, the following traits come to mind: drive, energy, determination, self-discipline, willpower, and nerve. He or she has a strong
moral fiber and an impetus for doing the right thing. It’s often said that, while many are capable of doing things right, someone who is truly successful will aspire to do the right thing.
Successful people understand positive influence.
Positive influences are by nature very similar to successes and life lessons. You relive them and make them a part of who you are. You play fair, you expect to work hard and to improve, and you focus on communicating well and developing solid relationships and understanding.
Successful people have a game plan.
Self-direction and self-determination are going to get results. By being flexible, proactive, and
versatile, no matter how many challenges or forks in the road you encounter, you will eventually find your way. The undeterred always make their way.
Successful people are team builders.
The trick to team building is to practice as a team. Have a commonality of direction and focus and become results oriented. The successful team leader, having excellent communication skills, can guide and coach the team toward a common goal while, all the time, encouraging the team effort.
If you don’t encourage people to work and practice as a team, they are not a team but rather just a group of people.
Successful people have passion.
Sometimes finding your passion in life is a challenge. It can be illusive and ever changing and, even if you do figure it out, it may always be just out of reach. Many people will weed out the pursuit of their passions early in life, as there may be too much risk involved or perhaps not enough opportunity to make a comfortable living.
Pursuing your passion in life, however, is the trail that leads to finding yourself. It’s your place of
surrender and comfort—where you can shut out the rest of the world, if only for a short time, and live in the moment. If you have taken the career path that undoubtedly pays the bills, don’t lose track of your passions. Carry them with you for when the time is right!
Successful people have presence.
People that have presence are very intriguing. They draw our attention and respect. There is an essence of being mysterious and yet at ease while having the ability to lead, charm, persuade, inspire, and influence others.
They are set apart from others, and we are compelled to acknowledge them. What exactly is their draw?
It can be mystique, exuberance, personal appeal, magnetism, extreme charm, or even positive energy.
Although presence can be defined in many different ways, ranging from projecting unusual calmness, exuding confidence, or attaining the right level of assertiveness, the bottom line is
that those with presence command attention.
Now, if you could ever bottle and market “presence,” that would be an instant success.
Successful people play the part of being successful consistently in all that they do.
People make judgment calls based on your profession and what they expect a person in that profession to be like—from family life to material possessions to behavior.
For example, one might expect that a good financial investor would have an expensive and impressive house, thus exemplifying their success. On the other hand, a business owner may be expected to contribute to the local community, while a lawyer or doctor may be expected to behave in a respected and trustworthy manner. It’s not enough to
play the role of success just at your workplace. It has to be you that is successful, and it must show consistently at home, work, or play.
Successful people make time.
Whenever you try new things, you learn. The knowledge is not contained. It spills over to other
aspects of your life without you even realizing it.
Take golf, for example. Aside from the regular skills, such as developing an effective, reliable swing and basic course management, you are exposed to the impact of nature. You interpret
wind direction and speed, dew and moisture on the greens, and even how temperature affects your body. If you are cold and tensed up, you’re going to throw the motion of your body off.
I like to be busy all the time, and I have no problem making time to try new things. When I paint or take photographs, I pay attention to reflection and movement. When writing music, I
strive to stimulate emotion and inflection. All of this awareness and these thoughts spill over and make me more effective in other parts of my life.
For me, making time is an easy choice. I say bring it on—the busier the better!
I’ll sleep when I’m dead—until then, it’s game on!
There is a painting hanging on the wall in one of the bedrooms in our house. We bought it for my dad when he retired.
An old man with scruffy gray hair and stubble on his face is leaning back in an old fishing boat not far from shore. Across from him sits a young boy that we assume must be a grandson. They are fishing. The sun is brilliant and bouncing off the ripples in the water. As the young boy eagerly
stares at the point where his fishing line disappears in the water, the old man looks on and smiles gently.
The painting is simply called “Success.”
Success is the self-fulfillment of dreams.

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