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If there ever was one overriding principle in golf, it is the principle of course management. There’s a lot to consider, such as knowing the problems, or hazards of the course, and knowing how to cope with them in order to score consistently. You have to play smart and position your shots so that you can place the ball in the “A” position—that position which allows the best approach for your next shot.
In the workplace, I have always felt that relationships are the course-management aspect of business. A fulltime position consists of approximately two thousand hours a year spent communicating and working with others. That’s a lot of time, so as you can see, it can be extremely important to know the course in terms of relationships.  Really knowing the course will help you score well, and that’s exactly what I want to have happen in your workplace life.
The goal is to be confident and direct in your work relationships while eliminating the opportunity for confusion. Strive to be effective in all of your relationships, ridding yourself of distracting influences and making the most of the positive ones.

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39 Time Award Winning Author
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