Sometimes the easiest solution is just to get it done.

No matter how much you plan or how positively you think, life is going to catch you off guard from time to time, and whether on the golf course or in the workplace, you’re going to have to make some decisions and deal.

On the golf course, whenever you have an errant shot—a shot that leaves you in long grass, under a tree, in loose and tangled brush, or in the water—you will need a recovery shot to get your ball back into play. In essence, your recovery shot should allow you to recover. Therefore, your recovery shot needs to be set up so that you have a good lie and are in position to make your next shot. One wasted shot is enough. By being observant and proactive, you can take hold of any situation, deal with it, and stay on course.

Work is no different. You have a presentation due and you require help from a co-worker who is supposed to be preparing PowerPoint slides for you. Don’t leave things until the last minute and then panic or, even worse, fail to do your presentation altogether. No one will remember that someone may have let you down. They, however, will remember that you weren’t ready.

No matter what the situation (and I am sure you can think of thousands of them,) you have two choices—you either can leave things to chance or complain about them, or you can deal with them. It’s always best to take ownership and get results.

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