Sometimes it is all in your head!

Confidence starts in your head. It is the center of how we feel about what we have achieved in our lives. It is commonly referred to as being critical to achieving success when we look at action-oriented sports. It is part of the mental preparation needed to help an athlete excel in his or her field. It is deemed an integral focus when trying to develop a competitive edge.

That being said, you can mentally exercise and build your confidence prowess! It is actually very simple:

1) Relive your successes, conquests, and accomplishments. Create a list for easy reference. We sometimes overlook and take our “wins” for granted, but our repeated wins evolve into winning habits, making it easier to push for more.

2) Take what you want to accomplish next and visualize the outcome that you desire—every detail—with clarity and conviction. This is like visualizing the shot in golf. You analyze everything—the landscape of the hole, the hazards, the lie—so that you are confident and able to commit to the shot.

3) Play it forward. Go for it and continually add new successes to your list.

4) Celebrate the wins.

About Lorii Myers

39 Time Award Winning Author
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