Shift your attitude

Honest self-assessment and evaluation can lead to positive growth through shifting attitudes.

Take an honest look at yourself and describe what you see. List the characteristics and attributes that define who you are. Do you believe that you are amazing, talented, charismatic, or successful? Make a list of personal traits that are important to you, and then answer this very important question: Do you like and respect yourself?

Now evaluate the physical, visual, and verbal you, and draft a game plan for improvement. Remember that it is important to live your life to the fullest, recognize opportunities, and take control of how you live your life so that you do not let life happen to you.

Living your life to the fullest begins with having an insatiable zest for life and being passionate about your dreams and expectations.

We all carry around a self-image that keeps us in check in everyday life, and that self-image comes to work with us every day. We also have a confident and free-spirited inner self that is daring and perfect—in our own minds, of course. But think of how setting your inner-self free may in fact set you free, leaving you more open to put yourself out there and really start living.

Why not shift some of your inner power and strength into gear and rev up some positive attitude? With a positive attitude of “I can” instead of “I’ll try,” you will find that you can take some calculated risks at your own pace and, therefore, stretch. You can build yourself up knowing that change, newness, and challenge breed confidence and excitement. You can be amazing!

So I ask you, why hold back? What good could that possibly do?

We, as human beings, enjoy freedom of choice. Your attitude is your choice!

About Lorii Myers

39 Time Award Winning Author
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