Self-affirm—build yourself up

Make a list of your feelings and identify them as being either negative or positive.

Tackle your negative feelings and work on replacing them with positive ones.

Keep adding to the positive feelings list and write down things that mean something to you. In golf, you use a swing thought. A saying, tune, or beat that gets you focused and ready to make your shot.

I like the following poem that I wrote a few years ago. To me it says, I am strong, smart, and in charge!

The color is red… fury, strength.

I will wear it with fury and take back all that is mine.

The sensation is willful… powerful and wondrous.

I will entertain only the positive and reclaim my mind.

I will drink in my world.

I will find it intoxicating.

I will share my life’s lust with all who dare to fly.

I will open my heart and learn to trust again.

If I cannot climb the wall, I will break it down.

About Lorii Myers

39 Time Award Winning Author
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