Real deal competition

It is not enough to accept the challenge to be willing to learn and improve. You need to take what you have learned and put it into play. You have to step up and into the challenge. Step outside of your comfort zone and be ready and willing to accept new challenges.

The more challenges you accept, the more you learn and the more you become willing to take on new challenges.
Here is what I mean. Last year, when my weight was creeping up, I threw out a little competitive challenge to a bunch of my friends. Golf season was coming, and we were all complaining about gaining weight over the winter. This is not a major breakthrough, but hey, it worked for us.

This is the challenge I e-mailed out: Preseason Tune-up!

Here it is!  Sweet and simple.
Lose some weight and perhaps make some cash.  It all comes down to…how competitive are you?  Here’s how it works.

First, you commit to lose ten pounds.

Then, you pay $500.00 into a weight-loss fund.
For every pound you lose…you earn back $50.00.

If you lose the full ten pounds it costs you nothing BUTT…(pun intended) you will have lost ten pounds.
At the end of the program, if you have lost your ten pounds you will also get to split the balance of the cash not earned back by your opponents, who, for whatever reason, didn’t lose the whole ten pounds.

E-mail me to join…

Every day text or e-mail your weight to me.  Your weight loss program starts today… and final weigh-in is Friday, May 16th.  Let’s see what kind of a loser you really are!
Everyone who took the challenge succeeded. They all lost ten or more pounds. For some, the competition alone was enough; they kept track of everyone’s weight loss, and it kept them focused. Others were motivated by the fact that their competitors were planning on how they would spend their winnings, and there was no way they would be the one paying out for that to happen.

I had the least amount of weight to lose and, surprisingly, lost the last half pound by the morning of the final weigh in. Yikes!

Nevertheless, I won my money back, and I lost the weight.

The interesting part of this challenge is that, when people initially read it, they were compelled to ask me how they were supposed to lose the weight. I told them that there was no real plan. They had to figure out what would work for them and then do it. Deep down, we all know what we need to do, don’t we—looking healthy, with a nice physique, friendly appearance, and comfortable manner, by eating right, exercising, becoming fit, and losing the excess weight.
For those that like challenge, this was an irresistible proposition.  Those not so inclined failed to respond or declined.
This, ultimately, is why my challenge-loving participants succeeded.  They were up for the challenge!

Will you accept the same challenge and put it in place with your friends and colleagues?
You accept challenge because you are up for it. You are competitive, usually a good sport, and perhaps you are strong because you have learned to be resilient. You win—you win. You lose—you bounce back and try again.
When you are honest with yourself, develop the right skills, strategize, and work hard, accepting a challenge is easy. You trust your swing!
Just as a healthy body fuels a healthy mind, a mind that’s open to challenge is strong and resilient and ready to win in today’s competitive workplace.

Sometimes it’s not the quest but the challenge it presents that we desire most.

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