Practice the tuff shots

If you dread ending up in the bunker, practice these tricky out-of-the-sand shots until you master them. Think of it as insurance—we all have learned that, once you know you can make that shot easily, you will seldom need to!
So, let’s look at the workplace and what doing it right is all about. If you want to advance, you need to know that there are definite, notable traits that are associated with being promotable.
See how you stack up against the following list, and think about how you can learn how to incorporate these traits into the workplace “you.”
These are the main traits to shoot for:
Be energetic: This is the ability to focus on the project at hand and get results. A person that is energetic and usually confident and charismatic is willing to accept challenge with optimism and ease.
Be likeable and approachable: The ability to cultivate strong relationships is crucial, not only within the workplace, but also when dealing with customers or clients. Remember that the concept that “we are all in customer service” never gets old. Customer service is, moreover, why we have a job in the first place. Being able to interact fairly and effectively with a variety of people is the essence of being a good communicator as well as a good leader.
Use your intellect: This is the ability to learn and then use what you’ve learned to make knowledgeable, unbiased decisions, which makes you effective and results oriented. The more that you are open to learn, the more you flex your abilities and the better your results. It’s a process.
Invest your time: This is the willingness to offer and dedicate your time and effort to meet corporate goals.
Promote synergy: This is the ability and desire to cultivate teamwork, knowing that the efforts of the team could well surpass the efforts of the individual.
Dress the part: This means know the dress code for your particular workplace and dress accordingly. Always aim for the high side, though—dressed well but not overdressed. Dressing well reinforces that you are promotable in two distinct ways. It shows that your work is important to you and that you will be able to transform or climb the corporate ladder with ease, since you already visualize yourself as an achiever and are on the upward track.
We are drawn to people that are similar to us, as they make us feel comfortable and accepted. We are attracted to people that compliment us, as they make us feel good about ourselves. We are challenged by people that inspire us, as they open our eyes to opportunity. And we are encouraged by people that have achieved their goals, since they let us see that we can do the same. These people rise to the top.
The right attitude is everything!

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