Personal Development

We compete in life every day. We thrive on and desire attention, recognition, opportunity for advancement, and security. We strive to become more fit in our minds through self-improvement, growth, and maturity. We are most effective at learning, though, when we have made
up our minds to learn, when we have the desire to learn, and havecommitted our efforts.

Here is an interesting concept.
Think of everyone as having untapped, unexploited potential.
It is  always there no matter where your life has taken you, what you have already accomplished, and whether you are

young or old. Think about everyone as having potential that is on reserve just waiting for them to say, I’m ready?

If you can accept this way of thinking, you will always be ready to learn, knowing that your potential is an infinite, renewable resource.

This is true for your life at work as much as it is in your life

outside of work. One of the most amazing things to realize is that, if you do not like an aspect of your life, you have the potential and ability to change it.

Take a good hard look at yourself and try to distinguish what your weakest personality link is. What part of your demeanor or thought process needs to be improved so that you are not holding yourself back
from achieving your goals?

For example, say that overly aggressive, obnoxious people intimidate you. Most of us do feel some sort of anxiety when exposed to this type of in-your-face behavior. The point here is to learn to push past your

feeling of intimidation so that you are in control rather than upset and distracted.

Think back to a time when some annoying individual out-and-out pissed you off and you were caught dead in your tracks. In a state of shock, you stood speechless and furious. They cockily exited leaving you to rethink and relive your unfortunate meeting over and over again.
From that point on, you probably assured yourself that the next time you were in such a situation, you would be ready with a witty and brilliant reply, thus rendering your opponent dumbfounded and diminished.
Well, perhaps in a perfect world, your perfect self would be ready to take care of any situation with impeccable grace and ease. In fact, your perfect inner self would also be ready with the right speech, the tactful diversion in an embarrassing moment, or the perfectly executed

pearl of wisdom that even a disgruntled co-worker would buy.

Unfortunately, though, we do not live in a perfect world, and rethinking and reliving uncomfortable situations won’t change a thing.

What you can do, however, is work toward unleashing some of your perfect inner self so that you learn to improve by asserting yourself
with confidence.

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39 Time Award Winning Author
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