Passion in life…is life. It’s contagious!

Get naked and roll around in it. People who enjoy living have it all figured out. They are passionate, driven, alive, and they are real.
I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by such passionate people—two of the most amazing people are my parents. They are enthusiastic, warm, generous, and genuine.
Growing up, I was encouraged endlessly to do whatever I wanted to do, with one single mandate: Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you are self-supportive.  Perfect.
What does this have to do with being successful in the workplace?  Everything!

One of my colleagues tells a story about how he used to hang out with some of the people from his department. At first, he enjoyed their company, but as they came to know each other better, he found them to be extremely negative and even angry. All they did was complain about their job and gossip about their co-workers. Now, even though my colleague is an upbeat, intelligent person, he would go back to his office down about his work, his company, and even life. He let their negativity affect him without even realizing it.

So think about the value of positivity, and then think of how positivity can affect your world.

About Lorii Myers

39 Time Award Winning Author
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