Living the dream—your dream

Back in ’73, I was in an enriched math program in middle school. My teacher was one of my older brother’s friends, and he was hot! I would even go so far as saying that, back then, he was undoubtedly the hottest man in the world next to Kurt Russell.
Back then, I was shy and, of course, totally mesmerized by him. He would chat with me now and then and inquire about my brother, and I would stutter back my awkward, nervous reply.
One afternoon, though, he stopped me in the hall and asked me a rather unusual question. He asked, “Am I challenging you?” I didn’t know what to say. He continued, “I just wondered if
I am challenging you. I know that you are smart.”
The hottest man in the world had just told me that he thought I was smart!
From that point on, I felt that I was smart! A huge thank you is definitely in order.
There are building blocks that come from all directions. We use them to form a foundation and then build our own personal road to success—our own pursuit of what success means to us.
Along the way, small successes grow and spill over to other parts of our lives.
It’s like pulling out your driver one day and hitting the ball twenty or thirty yards farther off the tee than you usually do.
What do you know?
First, that you can do it and, second, that you have made a breakthrough. Your hard work and dedication have paid off, and now you will move forward at a new, higher level of expertise. Your expectations of yourself and your abilities have been elevated.
Hmmm. You have seen firsthand that you have the “driving” force to succeed. Sorry, guys…

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