Learn to lust after life

I love to watch passionate people in action. They exude charisma and warmth, and they lust after life. They have an indisputable attraction—their insatiable passion for living life to the fullest and their desire to make things happen. They have self-directed purpose and tend not to get dragged down by self-doubt or distraction.

It is that undying determination, extra exertion or effort, or different outlook or approach they have that intrigues us. We are drawn to them, wanting to feel, dream, and understand as they do.

The drive and desire—and yes, we all have it—comes from inside. It starts with believing in yourself and knowing that you are amazing and finishes with success—as you define it.

Take a good hard look in the mirror and self-assess. Describe how you see yourself with respect to your physical, visual, verbal self, your approach, and how you think others see you. Then think about how you want to be seen.

The Physical You:

It is a well-known fact that you can achieve immense confidence from being physically fit, healthy, and strong. You walk taller, are lighter on your feet, and are ready for anything, because you are confident that you can hold your own.

When you work out, you feel better physically, you feel better about yourself, and everything in everyday life starts to look better and feel more manageable. Whenever someone is having a difficult time in life, getting back to the basics of feeling good inside is the best place to start rebuilding.

Take a minute to consider your weight, your physical fitness level, as well as how you look, both dressed and naked. Do you appear healthy? Do you look younger or older than your age?

The Visual You:

Next, how do you rank visually? This is a bit of a spillover from the physical you, but it’s intended to be more about your body language—the “you” that is defined by your movements, gestures, expressions, and tone.

Do you walk with a confident stride? Are you visually animated and vibrant? Do you possess an innate talent for attracting and holding attention when you engage in conversation? Is the tone of your voice forceful and melodic, rendering you alive and interesting?

The Verbal You:

Now, orally, what is the meaning others perceive when they digest the words that are trickling out of your mouth? Do you come across as being candid and authentic? Do you actually care about the message you are sending out?

Do others observe that you are alert, smart, interested, and involved? Do they believe in what you are talking about and feel that you have something important to say?

Your Approach:

Finally, think about how you approach and tackle life. Are you a straight shooter, even-tempered, and dependable? Do you adapt easily to any situation, take charge, and get results? Are you trustworthy and sincere, and generally good to have around?

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