How to challenge complacency in the workplace

To be more successful in business, it is vital to challenge the complacency that happens at all levels in a company, constantly. Businesses strive to become and remain viable while employees strive to become and remain invaluable. Here is a list of ways I have found helpful for me to take a stand against complacency and continue being proactive. As you read through this list, consider the impact of each item from both the employees’ and employers’ points of view.
Know your competition.
Gather, manage, and honestly represent information regarding your competition. Be prepared to accept how you stack up against them so you can define where change is required.
Value all sources of communication. Dissatisfaction and problems as communicated by management and front-line people are needed to identify information regarding weaknesses and threats to the business.
It doesn’t matter whether you agree with what you are being told. What matters is that you are willing to realize that there is always value in what others perceive to be crucial and detrimental to the business. Sometimes you will be able to take what is communicated at face value and, sometimes, you will need to dig deeper to get to what change is required.
Market and promote change.
Create the opportunity for continual dialogue about where change is required in order to
stay ahead of your competition and deal with problematic risk and exposure issues learned from the first two areas listed above.
Set high standards for yourself.
When you set high standards for yourself, you see yourself functioning at a high level. This generally creates dissatisfaction with the current situation and forces change, as long as you have a formidable career strategy and a well-laid-out and attainable implementation plan.
This is where good benchmarking comes into play.
Remember that complacency blocks change. When you are too comfortable, you can’t see what needs to be done. Being proactive blocks complacency and can give you an edge in the marketplace.
It is always important to understand your underlying motivation for being proactive and know how to communicate that motivation in such a way that you create a sense of importance and urgency.

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