Employee, Employer, or Entrepreneur—What Will I Be?

It is often said that the game of golf is 90 percent mental. This means that to score well, or be successful on the golf course, 90 percent of what it takes comes from how you “think” your way around the course.

It’s all about developing a single and predominant focus while effectively multitasking. So here, you’re in your pre-shot routine. You go through the process of reading the hole, knowing where your best target is, knowing how you are playing that particular day, and how confident you are of your abilities. You make an educated decision on how to play the shot. This is the single and predominant focus.

The mental aspect of the pre-shot routine revolves around staying focused on the intended target while, at the same time, multitasking—assessing hazards, the lie, yardage to your target, the right club to use, and wind force and direction.

Ultimately, you will choose a play that makes you comfortable, a play that you know is achievable and right for you, considering your current abilities. This is not about just going through the motions. This is about getting your head into the game and knowing your best play given your current abilities for every shot you take.

The same is true of defining the right business role for yourself. It’s important to know your interests, your expertise, your talents, your strengths, and your current abilities. You need to know what you are capable of now and how you plan to progress in the future—your career path.

That being said, if you’re just starting out in the workplace, it’s sometimes hard to have a clear focus or even be fully aware of your abilities until you get out in the workplace and get your feet wet.

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