Do not waste time trying to figure everything out.

Consider this:  Your success is a direct result of how you invest your time.
Some people will do whatever it takes to get out of dealing with stuff. They are happy to live a counterfeit existence, fantasizing to escape from everyday difficulties. They imagine their way out of bad situations as though in a state of “transcendental meditation,” blocking in order to get through the tough stuff.

Remember that escapism is an illusion, and it is fleeting at best. Then you are back at the bottom trying to climb up again.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to confront something you don’t want to. We make that horrible thing that we know we have to deal with really complex—because, when it’s complex, we can justify to ourselves why we didn’t deal with it.

That’s not how to get things done. If the idea of work is to “work”—to get the job done—then you just have to take a deep breath and figure it out. Here are some things that have helped me just deal with stuff:

1)  Record your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Yes, I know. That’s something people do in their personal lives. However, it works well in your work life as well. Really, think about how much time you spend at work. And, yes, writing in a journal is time consuming, but it’s worth it. Why? Because, quite often, we talk ourselves out of things without even realizing it. We shrug off things that are important to us by thinking, “I’m too busy for that right now,” “I’m not ready,” or “I don’t have enough education,” without really thinking things through. We do it all of the time. We haphazardly and unknowingly shut our thoughts and concerns down. Start by being aware of when you start to shut down or second-guess yourself. Write the details down. I guarantee that you will surprise yourself, and you will quickly start to see patterns forming.

2)  When you have a situation that you don’t want to deal with, write down all the things that would have to happen in order to fix that situation. Figure out the one thing on the list that is easy for you to do (it doesn’t have to be the most important thing, just the easiest to deal with) and do it. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. Start the process and watch how all the other things you need to deal with fall into place.

3)  If it is a big situation, you may not have to deal with it all on your own. Figure out which part you must deal with, and then make a list of potential teammates. Clear that list with your boss, if you need to, and then get all those people involved. Have them each make a list of things they need to do to deal with the situation, tell them to start with the one that is easiest for them, and then watch as your joint efforts get the results you want—a done deal!

Dealing with stuff is a process that can be continually perfected and improved. It is a winning strategy, and of the utmost importance when trying to progress in the workplace.

Errant shot or not—know that you have got the right recovery shot in your bag! Deal with stuff, make decisions, and move forward!

About Lorii Myers

39 Time Award Winning Author
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