Build your self-perception

Self-perception is not only how you see yourself, it’s an extremely powerful personal resource. You can self-assess, shift your attitude, and change in order to unveil a new and improved version of yourself—all within the course of a few seconds. Try this simple exercise. Decide to be confident and charming and smack a huge Cheshire cat smile across your face. No matter what mood you are in, just decide for this one moment that you are happy…awesome.

Now, do the opposite. Decide that you are going to be miserable and pissed off about everything. See—you are the person in control of how you feel, and you are most certainly in control of your attitude.

Here is the million-dollar question though—how do you see yourself? Do you think of yourself as in charge, even fearless? Alternatively, do you think of yourself as someone who does not know much, so you stay back, not wanting anyone to know that you really do not have much to offer?

Well, hey, listen up. Do you think you would have been hired in the first place if you didn’t have much to offer? Someone saw potential. So now, it is up to you to prove them right. Show them that you are confident of your abilities and that you came out to play…and win!

How you see yourself defines how you see yourself in the world—your demeanor, your attitude, and how you expect others to respond to you. It permeates your physical, visual, and verbal self, as well as how you approach and tackle life. Therefore, if there are times in your life when you feel some of your personality traits are restricting your growth, you better dial them back, and then punch up those traits you want to surface.

Don’t give your opponents the chance to take the upper hand whether in a game of golf or at work. You don’t want other golfers in your foursome to think of you as being weak. Not because they can do anything overt with that information, but because when they think of you as weak, they gain a sense of power.

In evaluating your self-perception, you have to be brutally honest and willing to acknowledge both your strengths and your weaknesses. You have to persuade yourself that you have what it takes and then run with it. Build up your self-esteem, purge negative, self-diminishing habits, and believe that you are amazing! Okay, that may be a feat easier said than done, but then again, maybe not. Think about how easy it was to decide you were confident and happy. You can decide that you are good enough and know that you have what it takes to excel!

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