Are you up for this challenge?

If you take just one concept from this site, I hope it is this one. Being proactive is about the single most important thing you can do for yourself at work. Being proactive means meeting deadlines, actively eliminating whatever might get in your way so that you are unstoppable!
Whenever you are put in a position where you have to depend on others to get work done for a deadline for which you are responsible, you need to take on a proactive role in managing the overall progress so that you can ensure that things are done right and on time.
This is like going to the driving range. You work on practicing and mastering proactively so that you don’t waste strokes on the golf course.
Being proactive, however, has another important byproduct. By being proactive, you in effect challenge complacency. In today’s tough marketplace, being proactive is not only crucial for survival, it ultimately paves the way for companies to reinvent themselves in order to stay competitive and to succeed.
The last quarter of 2009 marked the end of the worst recession seen for as many as sixty years. Fortune 500 companies have faltered and crashed, and literally hundreds of thousands of people have become displaced from what they once thought were stable and secure careers. The resulting financial uncertainty has taken us to our knees, as we have watched all that we have worked for in our lives devalue and, in some cases, disappear forever.
Nevertheless, tough economic times breed new and inventive beginnings. Businesses are reinventing themselves and aggressively rising from the ashes. They are focused, streamlined, and embrace technical innovation and efficiencies in order to forge ahead and meet today’s business challenges.
As an employee, you need to be always reinventing yourself, finding new ways to improve your skills, bettering your position by finding ways to make yourself indispensable to the company—in other words, being proactive.
Crisis has always been and will continue to be the strong initiator of successful change programs in business. It is important to recognize, though, that change can also be effectively management driven.
If you want to be a good business leader, you need to proactively challenge the status quo and strive to stay ahead of your competition. You need to know what your customers want and effectively deliver those desires back to them. Employees, managers, CEOs—everyone in the company is involved in branding your company as superior within your industry.

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