Are you change ready?

Which came first: the change-ready company or the change-ready employee?
It’s one thing to think proactively and even act proactively, but it’s another thing entirely to put that thought process into play and invoke change on a large scale. Companies that effectively do this on a consistent basis are recognized as being “change-ready.” These dynamic companies are high functioning, responsive, and almost fluid in their approach. Working at such a company offers great opportunities for those who thrive on change.
Change-ready companies offer variety and challenge, and they encourage entrepreneurial spirit. As the overall objective of being change ready is to see documented change, those employees and departments responsible for that change are both accountable and noticed. If you perform well, reward and recognition will follow. It can mean instant gratification for your efforts.

Without forward motion—you will lose control.

Change-ready companies are those that are able to recognize, respond, and adapt effectively. They recognize shifts in key markets. They respond by making decisions, and then they adapt their focus in order to capitalize on opportunities. They strive to be more effective and react faster than their competitors to take advantage of potential new market opportunities.

If your company needs a boost and you really want to generate change, you need to communicate the necessity or perhaps urgency for that change. You have to set the stage and create an environment that is conducive to change.
Knowing that the change-ready company evolved through the efforts of change-ready leaders and teams, you can no doubt see how much there is to learn by immersing yourself in such a dynamic and challenging process.
Being an active participant in the fluid mode of a change-ready operation can put you face-to-face with authentic, modern-day mentors. They are the mentors that are worthy and awe-inspiring.

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